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神探默多克 第七季

导演:Laurie Lynd 




主演:亚尼克·比森 克雷格·汤姆斯 海琳·乔伊 强尼·哈里斯 乔吉娜·瑞利 Lachlan Murdoch Kristian Bruun Ted Whittall Jane Moffat Wesley French Chad Connell Miranda Millar Susanna Fournier Jillian Cook Doug MacLeod 

更新时间:2020-03-30 01:51:04

简介: Murdoch and Inspector Brackenreid are aboard the SS Keewatin after the owner, Clarence MacFarlane, receives what he believes is a threat. The Keewatin is about to depart from Toronto on its maiden voyage destined for Rochester, N.Y. and Murdoch thinks they should stay on board, especially after he sees that Julia is one of the invited guests. Their presence proves useful after MacFarlanes daughter Amy, who is engaged to her fathers chief financial officer Owen Mathers, falls overboard and is nowhere to be found. As Murdoch investigates he finds there is a real threat against the Keewatin and the true facts behind Amys disappearance.